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How we are better and different.

Set up all kind of ads

Set up all kind of ads : CPA, Dating, Adword , Facebook ban websites.Be imaginative! Once you properly use Linkscloaker you don’t have limits any more !

Secure Ads

Secure your Facebook Ads accounts ! Most of Black Hats & Internet Marketers are worried about their adword account, bing advertiser account. Facebook Advertising account. Linkscloaker increases your chances of not getting banned by 99%.

No installation

No installation needed, easy to use. Pick up your LC page, pick up your web page and redirect URL choosing a mirror. 10 seconds needed for a life time, cheap and efficient cloaking!

Fraud Prevention & Traffic Monitoring
Cloaking Solutions & Traffic Filtering
Locations Targeting & Matching
Links & Websites Protection

Comparison to other working Cloaker

Services Linkscloaking JustCloakit Fraudbuster
Google Search Engine (White List)
Safe Campaign
Account Close Ratio 13% 67% 93%
Unlimited Traffic
Cheap Price
Auto Bot Handling
Dedicated Server Requirement
Extra Hosting Require for Cloaking
Hidden Charges
ALL Networks in a Package
Fast Money Page Redirection