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Why to use linkscloaking?

Worlds safest and fastest bot defence tool

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Unlimited domains

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About us

Linkscloaking a premium Cloaking service for paid and social media advertisers . Currently ranked as best cloaking service for Affiliate marketing and Paid management services.

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Affiliate Link Cloaker

Generate as many cloaking link as you want on your website

Broken link check feature like above

Promote professional look link instead of long ugly link

Prevent someone bypassing your affiliate link and lost commission

Detect if seller changing URL

Tracks how many people clicked on the link

What we offer to our customers

  • Run on any of your website with unlimited domain license
  • No wordpress requires
  • Easy to setup wizard
  • User friendly interface gets you going in minutes


PHP 5.4 and above

MySQL 5 and above database

Apache with mod_rewrite module enabled

Safe Mode and PHP CURL must be enabled