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    We are helping thousands of businesses all over the world Identify and flag potential fraudulent IP activities including bots, crawlers and many others.
Fraud Protection Consulting

Why Linkscloaking?

Achieve Targets with Higher Goals

Our innovative services help our online marketing clients and businesses, in optimizing their lead quality and ROI by shielding their important links from fraudulent IP's and bots.

Best Services for Online Market

LinksCloaking provides fast responding, self-owned servers for landing and offer pages,URL redirection and checkout pages. We also offer unlimited campaign clicks, domains and hosting services for your PPC, PPV, CPA and Affiliate pages.

Bad & Fraud IP Blocks

Our powerful system algorithms are designed to detect and block any suspicious visitors that may not be humans but maybe bots and crawlers. Our robust system also filters out bad IP's,VPN's, Anonymous Proxies, Hosting IP's and many other abnormal visitors.

Best Online Support

We offer highly reactive 24/7 Live Chat Support for SEO/PPC/ Tool Setup. Our support team will assist you effectively in setting up high ROI Campaigns seamlessly.

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Powerful fraud filtering platform

LinksCloaking allows you to take full control of your campaign from very start!

Being completely unseen will make your path safer to walk down.
Linkscloaking has the best tools to cloak your landing pages with advance techniques like encrypting cookies data, validating user data before they visit your landing pages. You can hide your links and landing pages from thieves, competitors, sniffing bots and spy tools with our link and landing page protection tools.

Get things setup quickly & painlessly so you can start boosting conversions and preventing commissions theft straight away, with these step-by-step.
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Links cloaking offers best cloaking services to our clients that unleash quality organic traffic for their PPV, CPA and PPC based networks and campaigns. Our link protection service is highly flexible around various ad networks that make our service very unique and Target based. We also offer external services that ensure 99.99% location accuracy for your campaigns, while our device filtering solutions adjust our client’s traffic for specific devices. Our best cloaking service provide an excess of advantages, the most profitable of which are clear, specialized links in cheap price
years of TRUST
and excellence

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